NaPoWriMo, Day 3

"some days this armor"
some days this armor's too heavy to hold
my spirit is weakened, i'm beaten, worn down
but the battle continues, if i'm weak or i'm bold
and i just want to let my sword drop to the ground
remove this thick breastplate and kick off my shoes
toss my shield aside, for a moment run free
feel the wind lick my hair and forget the rough noose
ever present and trying to asphyxiate me
so i sigh, hang my head - this must be what paul meant
when he asked for the thorn to be pulled from his side
but i, just like him, must look for the God-sent
glory and mercy, and lay down my pride.
(but just for a moment - a second at least -
a part of me hungers to savor the feast
laid before me, but only exciting in thought
for i know that tasting it would come to naught.)

NaPoWriMo, Day 2

I'm a little behind (thanks to a lovely visit from out-of-town family), so I am attempting to catch up.


absence reigns like a bastard king
who cut down the royal family
to steal the power of the throne 
cruel and cold and unjust and 
so unfortunately 
flaunting his rings of forgetting 
his diadem of disputing 
his robes of not-caring 
he drives through the city streets 
surrounded by his silent, steadfast army
blocking the pathways at every turn 
blocking my way to
absence is a cruel king 
and your tryst with him makes me 
hate him even more

© 2014 Amy Lutes

NaPoWriMo, Day 1

Hey! It's National Poetry Writing Month!

I've ventured into the realms of National Novel Writing Month during several Novembers in the past, but this is the first time I've ever participated in NaPoWriMo. I will be posting an original poem each day here for your reading pleasure. Hopefully you enjoy them. But if not, it's okay. It's really for me, anyway. :)

Up first, for Day 1: "soft fall the blossoms"

soft fall the blossoms on shore
the harbor empty of its ships
but i still stand here waiting for
the farewell fire to leave my lips

his arms were iron 'round my waist
and tears dripped hotly from my eyes
his face was inches from my face
obscuring all the bluer skies

my heart will not forget this hour
my body won't forget his love
but still i stand upon this shore
await some sign from God above

that he's protected, he'll be home
that journeys find him safe and free
my heart awaits the day he'll come
back to the harbor, back to me

© Amy Lutes, 2014