NaPoWriMo, Day 1

Hey! It's National Poetry Writing Month!

I've ventured into the realms of National Novel Writing Month during several Novembers in the past, but this is the first time I've ever participated in NaPoWriMo. I will be posting an original poem each day here for your reading pleasure. Hopefully you enjoy them. But if not, it's okay. It's really for me, anyway. :)

Up first, for Day 1: "soft fall the blossoms"

soft fall the blossoms on shore
the harbor empty of its ships
but i still stand here waiting for
the farewell fire to leave my lips

his arms were iron 'round my waist
and tears dripped hotly from my eyes
his face was inches from my face
obscuring all the bluer skies

my heart will not forget this hour
my body won't forget his love
but still i stand upon this shore
await some sign from God above

that he's protected, he'll be home
that journeys find him safe and free
my heart awaits the day he'll come
back to the harbor, back to me

© Amy Lutes, 2014