The Word Wrapped in Flesh

So, something I've thought about quite often since becoming a vegetarian is leather bibles. As a Christian vegetarian, this kind of distresses me. If we're supposed to love all creatures, why do we put God's word, the most precious physical thing left with us of Him, in the skin of an animal? I've not read up on it much, but I've heard from various places (PETA  included) that the leather industry is pretty horrible. Of course, as a person who doesn't want to see any animal harmed, just the fact that animals are killed for coats, skirts and pants doesn't sit well with me. But to kill an animal and wrap its skin around the Word of God....well, yeah. And it seems the bible "industry" doesn't seem to care. They just know that people like "genuine leather" products, and that they can sell a genuine leather bible for at least $65.

I have to look into it more, but I haven't seen this topic discussed over at CVA. I may bring it up with them. It sounds like something they'd like to start a discussion about.

Any thoughts from anyone?

ETA: I did a Google search and found that in 2007 PETA sent a letter to Pope Benedict about this very subject.