Micro Monday Flash Fiction: Dormant

Today's one-word prompt is "dormant." Inhabit the word, let it speak to you, and then write!

(I'f you're joining us for the first time, every Monday is our day to exercise our writing muscles by writing a 300-words-or-less flash fiction piece. Want to share yours? Either paste it in the comments below the post, or post it on your own blog and link up on twitter with #mmflashfic! Easy peasy!)

Have fun writing!


She felt her lungs expand as she inhaled, then held that breath, staring at herself in the mirror. She could see the difference already in her eyes, in the glow of her skin, in the way the left corner of her mouth turned up just so. She exhaled through her mouth, expelling with her breath all of the negativity and criticism she had lived under for far too long. She had let other people dictate her life, her hows and whys, while she had slowly retreated, farther and farther into the dark recesses of her own self. She had been dormant for so long that she had nearly forgotten where she was. Who she was.

But not anymore.

Something had awoken her. She smiled at the memory. It had been so simple, so ordinary: a drop of dew on one of her roses out front. She had gone out for the mail and, for some reason, had literally stopped to smell the roses. Usually she was too rushed to pay much attention. But that day, something captured her.

She had lowered her face to the rose, so close that she startled when a soft petal brushed her cheek. She had forgotten how soft the roses were, and she gently held the petal between her thumb and forefinger, marveling at its velvety feel. And that’s when she saw it.

In a small dewdrop, she saw her own reflection. Upside-down.

And she realized that she had been living upside-down for far too long. It was time to set herself right again. To wake the wild spirit that slept within her. To set herself free.

As she looked at her reflection now, she smiled at how very not upside-down she looked. And, fully awake, she turned and stepped into her life.