there lived a little plant that feared the sun -

there lived a little plant that feared the sun -
below the ground, the sun's light was not known;
in tales, its heat and brightness often grown
unbearable, to frighten little ones.

the plant, in fear, determined to forgo
the food that would its roots and branches feed
and cowered instead below, staying a seed
and trying desperately not to grow,

'til, shriveled, trembling, a tendril found
a way beyond the plant's weak consciousness
and, creeping, creeping toward the bright surface,
pushed through the soil, making not a sound.

and suddenly the plant awoke in fright
not knowing how, or why, or when, or who
had caused the creeping tendril to push through
and bare the plant's poor state before the light.

it searched for shade and, finding none, then tried
retreating back into its soil grave
but, failing, found instead the bright sun gave
vitality and life to what had died.

the tendril, reaching further toward the sun,
began to pull upon the deeper shoots
'til, stretching, seeking, furling out its roots,
the plant exulted in its freedom won.

"why did you fear me?" asked the sun the plant.
"i did not know you, and i was afraid
to leave the comfort of my home in shade.
i feared you would be painful to withstand."

"a plant that has not light can never grow -
it needs the light as creatures need the air.
but fear not - light is beautiful and fair
and seeks to fill your needs to make you whole."

"i now can see the earth in which i stand
determines much of who i will become.
also the food, as well as rains that come,
help me to be the best plant that i can.

but i cannot stay down there all my life,
or - as it happens - short my life will be.
and so i thank you for reviving me
and saving me from death, and pain, and strife."

and so, with nourishment from earth and rain
and sun together, tall and strong it grew,
until the small, limited life it knew
seemed but a memory of tiny pain.

the plant now greets the sun's bright morning rise
with jubilation, gratefulness, and love,
reaching its branches to the light above,
and adding to the beauty of the skies.