Random Earth-friendliness

I didn't go vegan for lent. But I still feel in my heart that I'm headed toward veganism. At this point, I've no clue how to get ALL traces of dairy and eggs out of my life. Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming financially to think of going vegan - trying to find dairy and egg free breads, cereals, substitutes for baking and cooking, etc etc. And my husband is quitting his job to go back to school this fall, so that puts even more pressure on me to make sure that, if I go vegan, I do it healthily.

I'm also realizing that my vegetarianism over the past 2 1/2 years has made me think about a lot of things I've taken for granted over the years, i.e., what I throw in the trash, how/where/by whom my clothes are made and what they're made of, extra stuff in the foods I eat (preservatives, additives, processed sugars, msg, etc), consumerism, and, on a more personal level, how I take care of what God has already given me (i.e., how I keep my house, how I tend my relationships). It's amazing how one little decision can turn out to be such a big decision and affect so many area's of your life that you never even thought were connected.

I've realized that returning to Eden involves so much more than just not eating meat. It requires us to decide willingly that we will love and respect all of creation, because that's how God originally created the world. And in order to do that, we have to love and respect not just animals (as in, not killing them and eating them), but we have to love and respect other humans as well, which is sometimes the more difficult task.

I've recently come across several resources for "greener" (i.e., more godly) living that look pretty amazing, and I'd like to share them, because I really believe in them. I'm listing them below, but also adding them to my links list.

Blessed Earth
Creation Hope
The Wonder of Creation
not one sparrow
with those who