It's been just over two years since I made the decision to be vegetarian. Since then, I've evolved quite a bit in my approach. Some changes have been for the better, some for the worse. But I'm still vegetarian. And most importantly, I am a vegetarian who is also a Christian.

I see no reason why the two can't - shouldn't - go together. But I have, over the past two years, gotten many raised eyebrows, scornful looks, or even condescending chuckles from fellow Christians, telling me either I won't last as a vegetarian, or some variety of "why the heck would you give up meat? God allowed it, so we should eat it."

To those people who would scorn the duality of Christianity and vegetarianism, I have several things to say:

1. Yes, I understand. God did allow humans to eat meat. He did not, however, command it. He made this provision for food in a time when there was little vegetation on the planet (after the flood). And when Peter has his dream about the clean and unclean animals, this is referring to the Jews and Gentiles, and how, in Christ, there is no longer a difference.

2. Yes, I know. Jesus ate fish. He probably ate lamb as well, if he was a good Hebrew boy and celebrated Passover. But He was the ultimate Passover lamb, and He taught compassion, even to "the least of these." In His death and resurrection, animal sacrifices for the atonement of sin were no longer required, and, I think, no longer desired. Jesus paid it all.

3. Back in the day (you know, when Jesus was around in physical form), the horrible conditions in which animals are brutalized, tortured, experimented on, and killed nowadays did not exist. They didn't hang cows up by the ankles back then and slit their throats to let them bleed out slowly. They didn't drug their animals with hormones to make them grow faster so they'd produce more meat so the owners could make more money. And they didn't have to dose them up with antibiotics because the conditions in which the animals were kept were so terrible that diseases were rampant. No, that's come about in recent times. And I really don't think, judging from His teachings, that Jesus is too pleased with these goings-on.

4. As a fellow Christian, you should understand and be supportive of the fact that God led me to my choice to be vegetarian. Just like He led you to your decision to be a musician/teacher/evangelist/missionary/businessman/fill-in-the-blank. For me, it is a calling. And I know now that it is a lifelong calling. Please don't put me down for following God's will.

I think I've ranted enough for now. I don't intend for this blog to be a big huge rant. I do intend to post positive things, such as research I find that helps me on my journey, as well as news articles about what's going on in the world, how vegetarianism can help feed the hungry around the globe, and humane animal treatment.