Welcome to my creative space here on the internet!

Initially, I tried to box myself in, to "brand" myself, as it's so popular to do nowadays. But I realized that I have so much more to offer the world than just one "brand," product, or class. So, I'm just going to be myself here, and give you what I've got. After all, in an age of fake internet personas, it's refreshing to find the freedom to be who you are and offer what comes from  your heart.

And that is exactly what I intend to do.

I have so many ideas for things I'd like to share with you, and because of this, this site may be in a state of flux for a while as I add and tweak things. In addition to my regular blog (which I plan to start up again in the new year), I'd like to start a quarterly journal of sorts, for email subscribers, that will have everything from poetry to seasonal prayers, artwork to academic/critical essays on aspects of fantasy literature and faith, to ideas for recipes and activities and more. That's still in the works, but if you'd like to join the list for that, you can do so here: